First Steps for Bitflyer Victims

First and foremost, please do not panic if you have, in any way, been scammed by Bitflyer. As understandable as your frustration may be, remaining calm is the operative word.

Secondly, alert the institutions responsible for regulatory oversight by sending them an email (articulate your thoughts in a polite, calm and rational manner so as to maximize the likelihood of your complaint having an impact):

  1. The Japanese Financial Services Agency, responsible for Bitflyer Japan (
  2. The New York State Department of Financial Services, responsible for Bitflyer US ( and
  3. The CSSF, responsible for Bitflyer’s European Union branch (

The third option revolves around spreading the word about the abuse you have been subjected to by Bitflyer. Social media can be extremely powerful in this respect: a Facebook post, a Tweet, a message posted on LinkedIn, etc.

While these steps in no way guarantee that you will recover whichever amount of money/cryptocurrency is being fraudulently held by Bitflyer, they at least represent a meaningful and morally honest way of taking action.