Is Bitflyer the Next MtGOX?

The Bitflyer.Sucks project came about primarily as a result of this particular concern. Bitflyer represents yet another case study pertaining to the sometimes fraudulent nature of the cryptocurrency space.

At this point, it is premature to articulate a decisive answer to the question which constitutes the title of this page. However, one of the main mistakes made by MtGOX depositors was precisely the fact that warning signals such as those associated with Bitflyer that are being brought to your attention by this website have been ignored.

The tendency of assuming that nothing bad can happen to you, corroborated with the hassle associated with finding a new exchange has made many decide to keep using MtGOX, despite the (more than warranted) concerns they have had. The end results have, unfortunately, been unfavorable.

Once again, while a decisive answer to the “Is Bitflyer the next MtGOX?” question cannot be formulated at this point, it is of the utmost importance to note that warning signals abound when it comes to Bitflyer. This undeniable fact, corroborated with the increasing number of legitimate bitcoin or cryptocurrency exchanges out there, makes remaining a Bitflyer customer a sub-optimal choice at best and recklessly dangerous at worst.

For professional integrity reasons, no exhange recommendations will ever be made on Bitflyer.Sucks. It is up to the consumer to make choices. The only recommendation Bitflyer.Sucks stands behind is this: conduct research on the MtGOX precedent by simply searching for terms such as “MtGOX scam” on your search engine of choice and make your own decisions as to whether or not the risks associated with remaining the customer of a potentially fraudulent exchange such as Bitflyer are or aren’t acceptable.