Bitflyer.Sucks: Mission Statement

The main goal of Bitflyer.Sucks revolves around spreading awareness about the potentially fraudulent behavior exhibited by Bitflyer.

Bitflyer.Sucks is a non-profit, public service website.

It is in no way monetized, nor are any other bitcoin and/or cryptocurrency exchanges being endorsed. This is to ensure that no suspicions which pertain to possible conflicts of interest emerge.

Bitflyer.Sucks encourages all visitors to always perform their own Due Diligence. This website or, for that matter, any other online resource should never constitute your sole source of information.

Case studies about the potentially fraudulent nature of the behavior exhibited by Bitflyer are easy to find online and you are encouraged to perform such searches yourself. The primary purpose of this website is enabling the average consumer to make informed decisions by presenting unadulterated facts about the activity of Bitflyer.

As rich in opportunities as the bitcoin and cryptocurrency industry can be, hidden dangers lurk around every corner. Bitflyer.Sucks represents a small building block in what we hope to ultimately represent a solid foundation for the cryptocurrency world.