Warning Signals

Bitflyer.Sucks has been created as a public service and 100% non-profit website which aims to shed light on the potentially fraudulent actions of the Bitflyer bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange. Hoping to avoid the possibility of another MtGOX scenario (coincidentally, Bitflyer and MtGOX are in the same primary jurisdiction, although Bitflyer has also established a US and European presence), Bitflyer.Sucks highlights the fact that as of 2018, Bitflyer is engaging in behavior that is questionable at best and certainly potentially fraudulent.

Doing business in the cryptocurrency sector comes with a higher degree of risk than with more established landscapes, which is why it is essential to do your own research before deciding to do business with a company such as Bitflyer.

Is Bitflyer.Sucks able to affirm, with 100% certainty, that Bitflyer is heading down the same path as the now-defunct MtGOX platform? No, at least not at this point. What this website is however trying to get across is that, given the fact that there are countless more legitimate alternatives out there, choosing Bitflyer would be a sub-optimal approach at best and reckless at worst.

On the sidebar, you will find a few very important pages which can represent the first step of your Due Diligence process. Based on the arguments presented on this website and on the victim case studies that will be brought to your attention, you might decide that doing business with Bitflyer is too risky at this point or at the very least that more research needs to be done before trusting them.

As also mentioned on the sidebar, you are encouraged to share your own story about Bitflyer by sending an email to If you value your anonymity, that won’t be a problem at all. We will only publish whatever it is that you feel comfortable sharing. If you want to help fellow crypto enthusiasts avoid choosing potentially fraudulent exchanges such as Bitflyer, please tell others about this website and help spread the word.

At the end of the day, working together can enable the crypto community to grow properly by discouraging unethical and/or fraudulent behavior. Companies such as Bitflyer need to understand that their actions bring about consequences and that hiding behind a very carefully-woven corporate veil in no way constitutes a bulletproof strategy.

An informed consumer is a smart consumer and fortunately for those who are currently looking for a reputable exchange, there is more than enough information out there to support the idea that Bitflyer is most definitely not a rational choice. Facts speak for themselves and the amazing thing about the Internet is precisely that it enables those who are willing to be thorough to make fact-based decisions so as to avoid losing money due to the fraudulent behavior of various exchanges.